Some people are usually early


Here’s something I’d like to be able to do. I’m usually early for things, and especially for flights, given the uncertainty of travel to airports, and the uncertainty of clearing security at airports. Some flight segments have very frequent service; I’d like to be able to get to the airport, clear security, then take the next flight with space available (whether space with legroom, or not) to where I’m going (which is maybe another airport for a connecting flight). I’d pay more for a ticket with that flexibility. Trying to get onto a different flight that the one you originally booked while you are at the airport usually requires going back outside security, and queuing for check-in along with all the people who have luggage to check; that’s not what I do.

This would require the ticket I booked originally to be treated like currency, so that it could be used as credit for the earlier seat; there should be a value to the airlines who can support this rebooking, because airline seats have a value up until the flight closes. If a flight leaves with empty seats for which someone would have paid, that’s a lost sale.

This app could start out by being be a representation of “same day flight changes” , kept up to date with all the policies and constraints described here.